Project name: Development of Pre-Seed Activities at COMTES FHT

Support area: 5.3.1 – Commercialization of results of research organisations and protection of their intellectual property

Project acronym: PRE-SEED

Project start date: 1 Nov. 2014

Project end date: 31 Oct. 2015

Budget: CZK 28.8  million, of which 15 % has been awarded from the state budget and 85 % from the EU budget

Link to the website of the Research and Development for Innovations Operational Programme

Project summary: www.msmt.cz/strukturalni-fondy/op-vavpi

The purpose of the PRE-SEED project is to establish an effective support mechanism for the commercialization of R&D results in the research organisation COMTES FHT a.s. It aims to enhance the return on funds invested in R&D and to contribute to the competitiveness of industrial (predominantly engineering) companies in the Czech Republic and in the EU in the fields of technology and materials.

The project has three main stages: the building of the project implementation team for technology transfer, the proof of concept stage and the commercialization of R&D results. 

The key activities include:

  • Proof of concept of technological processes, validation tests
  • Simulations under laboratory conditions
  • Preparation of functional samples and prototypes
  • Presentations at trade fairs and conferences
  • Development of a database of potential customers
  • Seeking partners for the distribution of software
  • Drafting contracts and licensing conditions